I was born in England and moved to the United States as a young child. When I returned to visit family, I discovered a strong interest in the history and mythology of the land. As I grew, I developed a love of literature and writing. I began incorporating my visions of what life would have been like into my own stories.

I remember sitting down and writing hundreds of stories as a child. Summer vacation was the greatest time of the year. I didn’t have any schoolwork to do and could sit reading and writing all day. While my friends were outside playing I would be writing my next story. This hasn’t changed much over the years. I would still prefer to be reading or writing instead of going out. I have found that literature takes me off into another world.

I am currently working on a bachelor degree in written communications at Eastern Michigan University. I work part-time as an office manager in a small wire edm company and have four children. This doesn’t leave me with much free time, but you will never catch me without a book in my bag or a developing story on my computer.

Writing is my stress reliever. If something is bothering me I turn it into an article or a story. I use my emotional responses to my everyday life as a motivator. I have experience writing in most areas but my favorite would have to be creative writing. I love to create new worlds where I am able to decide everything from the people to the land they walk on.

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